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a slut (typically from powell river) that loves to sit on cock and keep it warm!
taylor was one furry cockwarmer. bitch rode my shit all night long like a champ!
by RaTTy April 10, 2003
A male subject who chooses to keep his cock inside a vagina post sexual intercourse, purely for the sake of keeping his member at a pleasant temperature.
Chic says "So hun, are we done?", as he lays on top of her. Dude says "Nah, my fella needs to be a cock warmer for a bit longer."
by Etak_soda September 08, 2011
A extremely attractive girl designated to sit on your private parts to keep them warm.
Man That girl is so sexy, I would just have her sit on me all day long, were every I went.. To keep my cock warm!
She'd be my cock warmer!
by James Meade & Richard Davies November 10, 2008
these furry creatures are usually found strapped on and ready for cockwarming under desks.
Being the furry cockwarmer that taylor is, she crawled underneath my desk for some soothing cock comfort.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
boobs, hooters, sweater puppies, breasts, etc.
She wanted a pearl necklace, so I slapped my salami between her cock warmers and went to town!
by Whimsical Ninja March 17, 2009
a modern and realistic term for one of the few uses a girl's mouth can be put to effectivley.
shit its cold out here! just use your cock warmer dude.
by sholto7 May 19, 2006
A dumb slut. Good for one night only.
"I'm on a hunt for a cockwarmer tonight!"
by the hangar September 03, 2008
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