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he invented theories and psycho analysis. the most helpful thing he did, however was join bill s. preston esq. and ted theodore logan on an excellent adventure in which he got to travel around time with the likes of socrates and billy the kid ending up in a 1990's high school where he helped saved their butts in a school project. this then enabled them to stay together, helping the dream of WYLD STALLIONS to live on.
look over there dude, its sigmund frued
by rathsangatas drink November 01, 2004
the bong water is the water in the bong.
you must not drink the bong water.
its not tempting cos it looks like shit.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bong water
by rathsangatas drink November 01, 2004
the dude
yes he is.
dude! thats your name!
by rathsangatas drink November 01, 2004
the best album to ever come out of abbey road or anywhere. it is full of greatness and is made by people that unfortunately couldnt manage to make something as good ever again.
shes so
by rathsangatas drink November 03, 2004
something boys of about 16 love having on their phones where rude boys slap strangers. not very funny especially when you've seen so many of them.
release the peace nigger
by rathsangatas drink December 07, 2004
its my bible.the most genious thing ever written, it pokes fun at humans, their emotions and how they go about life. one of the only humans to actually feature in it is arthur dent, a typical englishman who happened to be good friends with another life form, only finding this out a few minutes before the earth is demolished to create a hyper-space bypass.
after leaving earth, just in time for this to happen, him and his alien friend, ford prefect, set off on an adventure arthur cannot ever quite get the hang of.
the 5 books get surrealer every minute, making the planet earth seem more and more insignificant.
it ponders over life, the universe and everything and even comes up with the most genious answer to everything.
the book also introduces us to one of the best characters in existance, marvin the paranoid android, a robot with the emotions of real people which is usually depression thus creating a depressive robot, coming up with some of the best lines ever written:
"brain the size of a planet, and here i am, parking cars"
by rathsangatas drink November 01, 2004
man who likes battylove
oi blud u is a battyman
no bruv u is the battyman
oh oh oh bwoy is it beef now?
by rathsangatas drink November 01, 2004

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