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A pathetic creature. The suburbs of North America are their normal habitat. Although they have been observed in rural communities. These misguided youth are identifiable by their slurred speech and extremely over sized falling off pants. They exhibit their low IQ quite frequently by such acts a "throwing up their sign" usually their 2 middle fingers twisted into a W sign but held sideways. Or a peace sign also held sideways. They have also been observed wearying their clothes on backward. Don't be surprised if you see one dancing on the hood of their car while it's coasting down the road without a driver. The newest retarded fad to come out of the hip hop community called ghost dancing.
The dumb ass wigger crashed his car ghost dancing
by Rapsucks1738 January 13, 2007
A former member of the mediocre over rated group Montley Crew. He was once married to Pam Anderson whom he treated like shit, Much like a true gansta Crapper moron would have. He's now a wigger
tommy lee sucks big green donkey dicks
by rapsucks1738 December 11, 2006
A generic term used to describe anyone of the negroid race. Most african americans consider it to be an insult if spoken by a caucaziod. It was probably derived from the latin word (nig) which means black.
That nigger stole my getto blaster!!!!
by rapsucks1738 December 01, 2006
Another way of saying go ahead or you're turn
don't call me a goat head
by rapsucks1738 December 14, 2006
A lame excuse in a pathetic attempt to explain away the fact that black students don't do as well in academics as Caucasian students. It was actually proposed in Oakland California that black students be taught in ebonics. In an absurd attempt to raise black students test scores.
once i's wus thougt of as stoopid and un able to comunicat naw tanks to dis new ebonics i's iz bi-ling-u-al
by Rapsucks1738 July 11, 2006
An acronym which stands for:

Rap = retards attempting poetry
by RAPSUCKS1738 March 04, 2007
A cheap static box portabe music player. usually used in the getto, at the mall or any public place to irritate people. Mostly used to blare rap and other forms of noise.
Turn down that crap youre playing on the getto blaster
by rapsucks1738 December 21, 2006

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