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9 definitions by rand

Completely foolish and stupid.
The war in Iraq is asinine.
by Rand July 10, 2003
107 63
When someone worked in a job for ages and is in a powerful postion ish and is a moron
My Boss Mr Reid has got M.A.N.S badly the fuck wit
by Rand January 12, 2004
37 13
to beat into submission with a common, gardening shovel
Dude, I didn't know it was your sister
Get off my lawn before I shovelate you
He means it! He's got a shovel!
by Rand December 28, 2003
7 0
To skin up, make a joint
Pat : "Chong up u I need to get canned"
by Rand January 12, 2004
3 1
When a girl / guy is really fine, I mean really fine!!!!! also use if u dont know there name
Girl with the most amazing body working @ --- is either Fit Mc Fit or Fitty Mc Fitty
by Rand January 14, 2004
3 3
To be of Rand ethics and live the way and lifestyle of a gansta
To be Rand and Gangsta = Randsta
by Rand January 12, 2004
6 8
The male equivalent of cougar.
"Man, check out those mountain goats moving in on that pack of cougars."
by rand July 08, 2007
11 29