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11 definitions by rafarafa

Means "Let there be light." in Latin. What in the book of Genesis God said to create the sun and the stars.
After a black out, when the light comes back:...

Fiat lux!
by rafarafa May 24, 2005
9 4
A Mexican food fast food chain. It's less oily than Taco Bell.
Dude, I'm hungry, let's go to Taco Maker.
by rafarafa May 26, 2005
8 4
An invented adjetive from the Disney's movie Mary Poppins(1964) directed by Robert Stevenson. It's used to refer to something extremely great or incredible.
-if you say it loud enough you'll always sound precocious, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!-
by rafarafa May 06, 2005
2 8
One of the coolest places on the web ;)An online community in wich you can meet thousandas of people from all over the world. It lets you create and fully customize your profile page, and even IM and create blogs.
Aren't you that punk girl in "my friends" from My Space?!

by rafarafa July 14, 2005
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