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A weird word that seems to make sence. Created by Kez originally, and put on this by...erm...me. Used in place of the word yes.
Jordan: Are you ok?
Kez: Yepo
by rabbhimself May 30, 2005
The words huzzah and yepo combined as one to make such a great saying to express the most joy one can have.
Kez: I'm bored
Jordan: Me too
Kez: Yepo
Jordan: huzzah. wait. wait. yezzah!
by rabbhimself May 30, 2005
To describe a young fellow who goes by the name of Dale Cook, hes head is now being researched into by NASA due to it's freakish size.
Dale's Head = The Moon
The Moon = Dale's Head
by rabbhimself March 30, 2005
Tool of death. e.g. gun, knife...
"these homies came down the street packing bout five ghetto-blasters and made a right mess man!
by rabbhimself March 28, 2005
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