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1. Difluorine dioxide
2. The sound FOOF makes when it reacts with pretty much anything.
The FOOF went "FOOF!" when I spilled it on the floor. Now I have to explain the crater to my landlord.
by R-dog December 14, 2013
pipe refers to penis and the "gravy" is the stuff that comes out, or semen
"That chick's has such a stinky fish taco, I had to load it up with pipe gravy just so i could eat it!"
by r-dog September 22, 2006
an abbreviation for Giant Cock Syndrome
Damn, that chick i work with is so smokin hot i got GCS all day long!
by r-dog October 03, 2006
When the Captain, your boss, is screwing the secretary and she's on the rag; he pulls out, and gives her a mushroom stamp on either cheek, hence; a Craiggedy-Ann, and then she laughs hysterically like the laugh whore she is!

Person 1: Now what is the secretary laughing at?

Person 2: The Captain just gave her a Craiggedy-Ann, she is such a freakin laugh whore!
by r-dog October 19, 2006

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