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120 definitions by pseudonym

The 'International Jewish Banking conspiracy'. An organized and un-recgonized society of world Jews controlling all of the monies of the world.

Many believe that the secretive society has infiltrated the highest levels of governments in every major country and is constantly at work 'saving money'
Brian really needs his IJBC license plate.
by Pseudonym January 26, 2005
A team in which they suck incredibely bad; and lose to everyone they play.
doyle and the killa yolks suck so bad they lost to the lakoda.
by pseudonym December 20, 2004
Used primarily in computer games, most often Neopets, that means Not for Trade. Often used in conjunction with NFS (Not for Sale).
This item is my favorite.. it's nft so don't bid on it!
by pseudonym September 15, 2004
Extremely idealistic.
I want to be the quixotic woman.
by Pseudonym September 03, 2004
Sizerp is cough syrup and vodka mixed togther. YUMMY YUMMY
Robotussin and Skyy Blu, Tylonal and Chrystal, Motrin and Brewsky, etc.
by pseudonym February 16, 2005
someone who is not fun.
i used to hang out with the guy but now he is a real frangephone.
by pseudonym November 30, 2004
First there was Limecat. Behold, he was mighty. And he did say "Meow" and life was created. Now humans did sin and Clock Spider shalt be borneth. Evil and Limecat did so fight. Limecat did tore off Clock Spiders appendage and flung it into the sun and thus it did became the gods of many religions. And Clock Spider did shalt try to strike Limecat on the lime. But behold, the lime of Limecat did was unbreakable. Yea, Limecat did swat ye Clock Spider and killed it.
Behold, Eternal Ferret did arose from ye Clock Spider's body. Limecat and Eternal Ferret did fight on thou video. Behold, the fight was great and Limecat did win.Then came LUEshi who smited Limecat before his time.
Behold, a carbon rod fell and the universe did collapse upon itself.
And the universe did say KABOOM!
by pseudonym September 01, 2004