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120 definitions by pseudonym

(a) Bad, unpleasant or generally undesirable
"Elton John is ghelt."
by pseudonym January 13, 2005
GNS - Ghetto Naming Syndrome. The ghetto trend of urbanizing a name.
ie. Shaniqua, Moniqua, Jeniqua
by Pseudonym October 31, 2004
somthing that is un-returned or one sided, most often refering to love. Unrequited love is one of the most dificult things to live with. Loving somone who you know will never love you back because they think your relationship is "platonic"... that really stinks.
"Nothing kills the taste of peanutbutter quite like unrequited love."
~Charlie Brown
by pseudonym September 04, 2004
1. One who engages in oral sex with a male.
2. One who engages in oral sex with a male while simultaneously humming.

The origins of this word come from Sean and Joe, taken from the original Middle English word bage pipiere. It is said this way because the male anatomy can be compared to a bag pipe.
1. Your a fuckin bag piper steve.
2. Last night I was hanging out with that girl, and she totally bag piped me.
3. Lawanda was bag piping so hard last night that she got the "Eye of the Tiger" stuck in my wang.
by pseudonym March 09, 2005
A street in Montreal. You can tell if someone is a foreigner if they look stunned upon seeing the word and/or have trouble pronouncing the word. It is pronounced "pee-neuf".
I used to live in Pie-IX boulevard, near the corner of Beaubien
by pseudonym June 30, 2004
a penis that has been inserted into a woman who is on her period.
That red sickle wanted to get in there.
by pseudonym February 25, 2005
To scrape the barrel is to preform a sexually indecent act upon the partner... ALWAYS two queer men who are bumlords
Dodsworth loves to scrape the barrel
by pseudonym March 29, 2004