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(n). The euphoric feeling one feels when slipping on a pair of corduroy pants. Heart rate increases, while happiness increases.
Guy 1: "This morning when I put on my corduroys i was left breathless for a few seconds during a corduroygasm. Now I'm in such a good mood."

Guy 2: "Damn, I gotta get myself some corduroys!"
by pringlekid March 31, 2010
To give "lobe" is to suck someone's ear, and lick all around it. Most of the time it is performed until the ear turns red.
Guy one: "Yo, guess who got lobe last night?!"
Guy two: "No you didn't! You're the man dude! How'd it feel?"
Guy one: "Amazing, two licks and you'll cum."
by pringlekid April 10, 2010
A very short, wide penis, resembling the shape of a pancake.
Girl 1: He pulled down his pants, and all I saw was a pancake, I just wanted to cover it in syrup and run away."

Girl 2: "You should have when you had the chance, pancake choads are a menace to society."
by pringlekid April 01, 2010
A scrambled word for Butt sex. Usually used as a code word when the user of the word doesn't want some people in the room to know what he/she is talking about. Very effective when talking in front of parents or siblings.
Girlfriend: So what you wana do tonight?
Boyfriend: How bout suttbex?
Mother: What?
Boyfriend: We'r gona go to the movies.
Mother: ok..
by pringlekid April 13, 2010
A derogatory term for caucasians. Exactly the same as Negro or Nigger, for a person of African descent. White people are only allowed to use it, just as black people are the only ones who can say 'Nigger.' It's only fair.
White Guy one: "Sup blanco, how was that movie with Ron Jeremy?"

White Guy two: "Fuck Ron Jeremy, that blanco's got the biggest dick out of all the blancos"
by pringlekid April 10, 2010
The act of cracking two eggs and dumping the yoke on to a woman's vagina, then eating it out.
Guy 1: So the other day I had a Ukranian Breakfast...
Guy 2: No way! I heard those are the shit!
by pringlekid March 29, 2010
Used when describing an amount between five and fifteen.
He only sang about fiveteen songs at the concert.
by pringlekid June 12, 2010

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