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someone who is very ugly, stupid, annoying, and a real couch potato except they are a douchebag too. like the stereotypical dad who sits on the couch and drinks beer all day, and yells at his family at times.
little johnny: my dad just beat up my mom and called her a $lut!
psychologist: ah, it seems to be a case of the classic douche potato.
by princessxxaixx February 16, 2009
controlling jerk, usually is abusive, as well, but not always. also thinks he can control everyone in sight. stereotypical Evil Ex. A dickhead, basically.
girl: owwwwww! my boyfriend hit me again!
friend: agh! dump his ass!
girl: but i love him!
friend: he's a dicktator! get rid of him!
by princessxxaixx February 16, 2009
a very obnoxious person, often a jerk too, who thinks he's better than everyone else. is always very cocky and rude. you meet them at parties, they're the people who you make fun of the next day with your best friends.
bob: ARGH! i can't pick up a single chick! why the heck is THAT?
dave: maybe because you're a stupid slef centered obcockxious jerk?
bob: i thought you were my friend!
dave: i'm not. go die.
by princessxxaixx February 16, 2009
a very polished and elegant jerk boy who is very stiff and awkward as well. usually, but not nessecarily rich.
tom: he's so annoying!
john: he's a real dick-on-a-stick!
tom: ya got that right!
by princessxxaixx February 16, 2009
gay person who's very open about their opinions, and goes, like, to protest rallies. it could be either guy or girl. not nessecarily bad.
but it sometimes is.
girl (to roomate): he's still waving that sign around.
rommate: he's... a aligaytor, isn't he.
girl: he is.
*both nod solemnly*
by princessxxaixx February 16, 2009
a jerky sex addict
girl: he tried to do me AGAIN yesterday!
friend: ugh, another adickt? you have the worst luck!
by princessxxaixx February 16, 2009
a gay lady, or a crossdressing guy
person a: is that a guy or a girl?
person b: it's a bitch dick.
person a: oh.
by princessxxaixx February 16, 2009

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