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evil, brown, digestive paste
by poop November 08, 2003
said when one wants their friend to look at someone of the opposite sex who is extremely attractive
-thinking: omg hes/shes so hot look!!!-
by poop May 27, 2004
A MOD for half life. A fairly decent game, ruined by its comunity and often too simple for players of "better" mods, such as DoD and FA.

It is often to find a clan server who consider themselfs great, who are beat by a new clan and then make up bullshit and fail to come up with evidence to prove that said clan was being abusive towards female gamers.

Often clans will have an inferiority complex and ban anyone who dare to call anyone a poof for camping and wasting everybodies time, when face with better oponents they will make up tales of abuse to get them banned and secure there league position.
-=npa=- : they where saying they where gonna rape us..

Better clan : its a widly accepted gaming term (seeraped)

-=npa=- ok we'll show you the logs that say they where being abusive

Better clan : ok then

-=npa=- *sees the logs prove otherwise, says he hasnt got time and wants the better clan benned anyways*

Better clan : stupid fucking children, got beat did you?
by PooP May 05, 2004
super suck up. is all the teacherspets and wants to suc mr. banfields cock.
whow that girls a keltie
by poop February 18, 2004
to chill, hang out, or relax with a group of friends and family
Hey Man, let's go mass.

Hey Man, I'm enjoying the massing were doing.

What a good Mass session
by poop December 13, 2003
A mispelling of Gayve.
See Gayve.
by Poop January 15, 2003
as in yo papa or yo mama (your)
but could also be used as a greeting.
Yo papa died? well shit, thas what you get fo livin up in da hood.
by poop November 30, 2003
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