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A short pug from a bollywood movie. It is the epitome of all things Pug. I forget the name, but if you ever see it, Babubai will become an all-purpose word.

I'm a little babubai today. Babubai!!
by pookleblinky December 03, 2004
A deep depression which can only be solved Hemingway style, blowing clouds of cotton fluffing all over.
That eeyorish guy sleeping under the bridge? I heard he jumped off it and landed on a dachschund. Killed both.
by pookleblinky December 03, 2004
The African fathers of rastafarianism. They live under Goree Island, coming out to buy pot and food.
I went into one of the baifal caverns and it reeked of pot and goat.
by pookleblinky December 03, 2004
It is a cat greeting, originally created to greet a kitten named Babatounde. Variations can be added, as long as they have the "b" sound and are funny.
Bibble babble the bosh-the Babatounde
by pookleblinky December 03, 2004
A soporific herb consumed in tea form by vegans, wombat nuzzlers, and other idiots. Causes temporary mental retardation and pronounced loss of motor control.
That guy just ran over a gas pump! He must be on Kava!
by pookleblinky December 03, 2004
The kind of grin Susan Estrich makes
Get that shit eating grin of your face
by pookleblinky December 03, 2004

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