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An acronym for the phrase: "Rat In My Poes" which is used to describe how seriously drunk/intoxicated an individual is/was.
The word poes is a common slang term used in South Africa derived from the Afrikaans language meaning: cunt/vagina/pussy.
Jeez bro, I got so RIMP last night.
Wow, those chicks are RIMP!
Dude, how fucking RIMP were you after those drinks we had!
by pointblanc April 16, 2011
a chill but suddle person; keeps it cool under any condition of any nature; a cool cat; at times, a pimp if u will. Creative but always looking for fun in any situation.
Whas going on Rimp tha pimp?
by -Anonymous July 22, 2003
A person who is a dork, yet cool. They are weird and sometimes embarassing to be around, yet calling someone it is not necassarily a bad thing.
You are the biggest rimp I've ever met, you dork!
by Katherine December 06, 2003
intestinal prolapse (when your colon turns inside out and comes out of your anus)due to anal sex.
I had to go to the doctor and get my rimp fixed.
by Brandi B. December 16, 2004
A mix of the Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and pimp. Referring to the "binders full of women".
"Yo dog, that guy be such a rimp. He got all kind of binders full of bitches."
by Johnny Doez January 05, 2013
to fuck someone over; to annihilate someone completely in competition; to rape somebody, in a non-sexual sense ie. to beat somebody so comprehensively that they lose all of their dignity.
"I just completely rimped that guy, mate!" / "He punished me big time, it was the rimping of a lifetime."
by Dibby February 24, 2008
To gently massage and squeeze in combination using the palm of the hand.
Rimp my dolts.
by Hungry Robert July 20, 2008
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