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Mean, unpleasant, bitchy.
She was really shitty about it.
by planethopper July 03, 2005
(Term used by engineers) To make a rough-and-ready, quick-and-dirty adjustment to something to make it work or to make it operate in a particular way. To adjust manually for a particular purpose. Can be used of a physical device but also of a computer program, etc.
"Since I'd figured out how it worked, I decided to frig it so it output
the data exactly how *I* wanted it."
by planethopper July 03, 2005
1. to knacker, chew out.
2. to knacker, tire out.
1. He got bollocked by the teacher for swearing.
2. (after lots of jogging) God, I'm bollocked.
by planethopper July 03, 2005
1. (in British usage) illogical, back-to-front. (This term is used by prejudiced people.)

2. (in American usage) not really Irish at all, lacking Irish citizenship, having little or no knowledge of Ireland, and knowing nothing of the Irish language or Irish culture, but possessing a great-great-grandparent (or the like) who was Irish. Not regarded as Irish by actual genuinely Irish people (those with Irish nationality).
1. "Why are you doing it that way? That's so Irish!"

2. American One: "I'm Irish."
American Two: "I'm English, Irish, Scottish, French, and German!"
by planethopper July 20, 2005

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