35 definitions by pimp

the oppitamy of cool
Thats some pimp-tight-ass-shit!
by PIMP January 22, 2004
gettin ur dick sucked or eating a girls pussy
i love getting head from all my bitches
by pimp September 29, 2003
a pimp
Qw3ett likes to swim.
by pimp May 08, 2003
the fluggle below your trowsers
Bob has a sexy mcfluggle.
Don't stick that in your mcfluggle.
by pimp July 15, 2003
A women who is "fly" or "down wit da BITCHES". (lesbian)
Pimpets are coo
by PIMP January 22, 2004
Slang term for junk in the trunk, or nice ass.
Look at the budunkadunk on that bitch
by Pimp May 04, 2004
when ur smoking weed squat down on ur knees take really fast deep breaths, take a huge hit and stand up while u do it
i tried this and i got so fuckin high and passed out
by PIMP September 12, 2003

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