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An extremely powerfull word used to describe the state of a person's 'Dickness' or 'Dick-being'.
Tom:"Man why the fuck hasnt joe showed up yet"

Frank:"Dunno man hes a Motherdick!!. Probably thats why"


Awais:"Gibran you motherdick!!."
by Pimp March 04, 2003
A pizza place that has damn good food
hungry howies has damn good food
by Pimp July 26, 2004
blowin through the oppisite end of a bunt or a joint to give the other person a phat ass hit to get maaaad fucked up
hey bitch lemme get a shotty off that bz for i punch you in yo shit mudda fakko!
by pimp January 01, 2004
1)To pimp hoes
2)Steal other pimps hard earned cash
3)Stock up on ak-47z
4)Buy weed and beer so your thugs stay happy
5)Become the best known pimp in idle land
6)Have a pimpin' good time
I'ma go pimp some hoes, kill some wannabe pimps, and stock up on some akz on idlepimps.
by Pimp August 28, 2003
pimp but in arabic
that gawad is the best ever.
by pimp October 31, 2003
the name of the pound for criminal and socially harmful animals
once you go anywhere near NSG ur eye's will start to burn, ears start to throb painfully and u'll wanna run as far away as you can
by pimp November 09, 2003
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