35 definitions by pimp

The coolest motherfucker youll ever meet in your life.
Flip is down with the bitches and hoes.
by pimp April 09, 2005
another termfor weed oh ya
we gonna go smoke the shako
by PIMP January 06, 2003
what al gore doesn't have
man,al gore ain't got no algorithm
by pimp October 18, 2004
a smelly pussy that no man can stand not even steve.
wow!!!, toni had one bad pink stink it was like putin' my head in tuna
by pimp May 24, 2003
One who has bitches and hoes.
"Pimp says" Bitch give me my money!
by pimp February 20, 2005
A person who is "fly" or "down wit da bitches".
I'm a Pimp
by PIMP January 22, 2004
According to Moe's laws of physics, "hooking up" is the act of having a conversation with the opposite sex.
Moe: Hi.
Anna: Hello.
Moe: Hey guys, i hooked up with Anna today.
by pimp October 06, 2004

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