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The fermale form of Masturbation
"I cant talk right now, I'm jilling off."
by Pico November 24, 2003
Also known as "fuck me pumps"
I bent Amy over the couch and screwed her after she danced in her stilletos
by pico April 13, 2005
An extremely long turd that completly wraps around the toilet bowl; often a source of great pride for the producer. Usually left in a public toilet for others to admire.
Pat snapped a picture of his wraparound with his cellphone camera so he could show it off at work.
by pico February 15, 2005
When a girl has here tits percied and ahe has two chains running to her clit ring
Andrew Davis has Pussy Tassle Tits
by Pico April 09, 2003
Take a shit, and wipe your ass(meat/beans, and maybe corn..), then wrap the asswipe around your dick and masturbate with it, cum(cheese) onto the wipe and then fold it into a burrito and make your partner eat it, or watch you eat it yourself. You could also add urine(other kind of cheese), or blood(salsa) as an extra bonus.
Guy 1:"Hey she looks like a nice girl."
Guy 2:"No man, I heard she's into Steaming Burritos, that nasty fucking cunt."

Dude: "Why don't you stfu and eat a Steaming Burrito."

Kid: "I make the best Steaming Burritos."
by Pico March 04, 2004
When you are sleeping on a road trip on your stomach and you wake up with a boner because of the bumps.
Andrew Davis has Highway Hard Cock
by pico April 09, 2003
A durogatory name for Trance Techno.
Ey! If someone doesn't turn off that Boomtic right this instant...
by Pico November 24, 2003

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