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The fermale form of Masturbation
"I cant talk right now, I'm jilling off."
by Pico November 24, 2003
687 212
Female manual masturbation, fingering the clitoris or vagina.
Males jack off, and females jill off.
by tryer January 28, 2003
414 130
It is the same as jacking off, but for girls.
I was watching my best frtiend jill off today
by JordanVailo June 28, 2005
326 127
Masturbate if one is a woman, the female form of jacking off
by anonymous April 10, 2003
327 172
Jack and Jill, went up the hill etc.
as jacking off is a male masturbating,
jilling off is the process of a female masturbating
linda was alone in her bed, when she started thinking about the attractive guy in her class, she then began jilling off!
by A7 June 29, 2007
197 85
if guys jack off, then gals jill off.
not to be out done by the boys, the tom girl jilled-off faster then had ever been see before
by master Pe July 07, 2003
112 54
Masturbating (female): backformed from "jack off"
This dyke loves to watch girls jilling off for real, not faking it on stupid breeder porn.
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 04, 2003
124 128