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13 definitions by phish

the best band that will ever exsit...
people that say phish sucks can go fuck themselves...
by phish June 30, 2004
The act of cuming in a womans face followed by a hard punch in the nose.
After our hot date I took her home for a strawberry cheesecake
by Phish September 01, 2003
Noun. That strange drunk man at the party that insists you call him Uncle, and sit on his knee, when you are in no way related. Items always seem to go missing after Uncle Craggle has visited.
Come talk to your Uncle Craggle. All right!
by Phish April 08, 2005
Noun. A alcoholic human male that, in spite of constant alcohol abuse, bad taste in drinking shirts and a complete lack of remorse, remains completely irresistable to the opposite sex.
He was so drunk, but he still managed to sleep with her in a bed with a girl on kidney dialysis. Yo, he is such a slutfink.
by Phish April 08, 2005
Verb. To display a camp look of complete stupefied blankness in response to a concept, event or word.
I asked him where his metatarsals were and he just illingworthed.
by Phish April 07, 2005
Noun. Something/someone that does not come back. It is therefore not like a boomerang - it is a bush stick.
Yeah I rebooted it remotely and it's fucked. Bush stick.

Uncle Craggle finished his beer, said fu fu meat u and then he was gone. That man is a total bush stick.
by Phish April 13, 2005
Noun. Any mad australian that has had too much to drink, been thrown out of a pub and is laying in the street with his trousers around his ankles sobbing and vommiting - constantly living the fu fu meat u moment.
Why is Cobby crying like a bitch? Why is he half-stripped? Has he been raped? What a chunderwuzzer.
by Phish April 13, 2005