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Someone who constantly embarrasses/irritates those around him/her.
Peter: Is that Corey hanging from the chandelier? Kai's parents aren't gonna be impressed.

Kai: Your friend's a real ass act!
#asshole #idiot #class act #dumbass #ass
by Phill Latio January 04, 2008
When someone (usually of the female gender) pays for their education by stripping.
Mike: "Wow. Brandee got into the University of Georgia? How did that happen? She can't afford shit."

Shawn: "Easy. She's on a scholarstrip."

Mike: "It all makes sense now. I thought I saw someone who looked like her at the Flamingo last night. It was her. Haha."
#scholarship #education #stripping #school #strip club
by Phill Latio September 10, 2007
Busting your load on your partner in way that is amusing to you and/or your friends but not so much to your partner. It can involve anything from pulling out and busting a nut on her face/ear to such famed manuevers as the spiderman, superman or even the gorilla.
Erin wasn't too impressed when Shawn pulled an immature ejaculation and came on her nose.
#sex #ejaculaion #cum #superman #spiderman
by Phill Latio February 15, 2008
When an attempt to pick someone up of the opposite sex goes horribly wrong
Brad:I ran into some hottie the other day outside of El Furniture Warehouse and was trying to pick her up. Too bad the new girl from the office was walking by. Now she's telling everyone in the office I'm a man whore.

Kyle: That totally mackfired. Hahahah
#game #playa #pick up #macfire #relationship
by Phill Latio September 06, 2008
An injury to your elbow/arm caused when you swing the Nintendo Wii remote too fast/much.
After a long night of playing his Nintendo John had to call in sick for work the next day as he was day to day with Nintennis Elbow.
#nintendo #wii #elbow #injury #nintendonitis
by Phill Latio April 04, 2008
When individuals use extreme bluster and bravado over the phone when they cannot back it up in person. Occurs because of the distance between the two parties and usually with caller ID block for extra protection.
A job applicant who did not get the job got very hostile at me today. He had a huge case of telenuts, going on and on how I was a dead man walking.
#communication #balls #nuts #internuts #telephone
by Phill Latio August 05, 2007
An enormous ass on a woman. The size is akin to an SUV.
James: Wow! Look at the size of the ass on that chick!
Heavy N: She's got an AssUV on there.
James: I'd still like to get in. Hahaha.
#ass #suv #bum #anus #behind
by Phill Latio June 12, 2008
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