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One who rides the waves of an females orgasmic release. When the twat secretes massive amounts of female jazm, the male sometimes feels the need to grab a board and yell cowabunga...surf the vagina
Man those were some gnarly waves! Cowabunga! I love being a tawthole surfer and sailing across the secretions of a hot vagina.
by pepe March 24, 2005
One who has their balls all in a labrynth.
Piotrowski has puzzlenuts! Hes fucken retarded.
by Pepe April 17, 2004
The process of receiving an oral treatment, usually from your girl-neighbor's dome. Said girl is usually drenched in skeet once dome-piece is received.
Jennifer gives amazing dome-piece. Right Sean?
by Pepe June 24, 2004
getting fucked from behind right in the ass while the fucker and fuckee are both wearing kilts.
Have you ever tried the scottish bobsled? I can do it better than anyone. I can play the bagpipes while taking it in the coolie.
by pepe July 30, 2004
getting fucked in the a-hole while having your head slammed against the ground. This can be done with straights or gays.
Let me ride on the carousel daddy, I want my fucking face to bleed all over your cock!
by pepe July 30, 2004
One who has never seen dumb and dumber
Rutas never seen dumb and dumba
by pepe April 17, 2004
Shitty major. The most useful is Econ 101 which you will probably attend sometime at college. Any further study of this 'science' is a total waste of time.
No studying Economics will not help you become an investment banker.

What if I want to do a PhD. Well you will realize that you don't know enough Math to do a PhD in Economics. Go study something more interesting.
by Pepe April 08, 2004
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