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11 definitions by peanutismint

When you go to watch a quick 30 second video on YouTube and regain consciousness hours later having jumped from interesting video to interesting video.

Similar to a wikipedian loop or 'WikiComa'
Clarence: "Dude, you totally missed the funeral yesterday!!"
T-dawg: "Yeah I know; somebody emailed me a funny clip and I got stuck in a YouTube loop..."
by peanutismint December 26, 2009
Of, pertaining to or being illegal, amoral or generally below-board.

Not as a slur against the country or people of Russia, but more to do with the great online cut-price MP3 e-stores emanating from Russia (see AllOfMP3.com, MP3Sparks.com etc...)
P: Mate, check it out, I got some proper russian DVDs down the car-boot sale.
T: Screeners or DVDRips?
P: Rips
T: Ossome.

J: If you've ordered the game, why don't you just download it and play a russian copy til it arrives?
A: I can't! I feel dirty....
by Peanutismint December 09, 2007
When something is TOTALLY awesome

n.b. not awesome in a 'God' or 'The Universe' or 'Grand Canyon' kind of way.
Pete: "I just got us backstage passes to Radiohead!"
Peanut: "Ossome"
by peanutismint April 28, 2005
When you receive a message via cell phone or similar which is deemed low-priority, and which you delay replying to until you later use the toilet and have some time to fill.
*phone beeps*
"Oh, it's some guy asking about the party next week - I'll toilet reply to him after I eat this giant burrito."
by peanutismint July 09, 2009
The opposite to a joystick. Transformation from one to the other usually occurs when a joystick malfunctions, causing the user great aggravation and misery. Especially present in handheld mobile devices, such as an MP3 player or cellphone.
PeanuT: "AAAAARGH DUDE I just pressed down and it thinks I'm pressing 'enter'. WTF MATE?!"
Jus: "Sounds like your woestick is screwed. Darn SonyEricsson phones..."
by peanutismint March 05, 2006
When your refrigerator is so devoid of consumables that you can actually see the light once more.
Jus: "Dude can i make a sarnie?"
Peanut: "Haha good luck mate, I'm fridgebright!"
by peanutismint February 18, 2006
noun, friendly insult;
like paedo but used to describe a young person who finds a person a few years younger than themselves attractive.
"You spaedo! What's the matter, can't get a girlfriend your own age?!"

also, 'speedo'

Peanut: "so she's like, what, 19?"
Justin: "Uh, try 9, dude..."
by peanutismint April 29, 2005