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11 definitions by peanutismint

To purposefully deviate from following the structured routes and walkways of any department or clothing store, usually to fast-track around the slower and more zombie-like members of society and cut through various clothing areas to get to your preferred sales section more expediently.
Sick of walking at no-miles-per-hour behind the five-wide pram-pushing baby mommas in Primark, Jon decided to go off-aisle, weaving and faking through shoe displays and shopgirls towards the men's department.
by peanutismint February 19, 2011
The online form of the phrase 'spread it'; to give an instruction to others that a certain piece of information (or in this case more likely a web link) should be passed around and shared amongst friends.
Here's my band's new EP, feel free to ping it around.
by peanutismint September 15, 2008
A person who takes recently washed (or dirty but re-useable) kitchen utensils or crockery from a dish rack rather than taking new ones out of the drawer or washing their own.
Zak: There are no clean teaspoons in the cutlery drawer...
Sara: Just use a dirty one from the dishrack - it's all tea!
Zak: Eww gross! You're such a dishrack cannibal!
by peanutismint July 14, 2011
noun, friendly insult; like paedo but used to describe a young person who finds a person a few years younger than themselves attractive.

also, 'speedo'
"You speado! What's the matter, can't get a girlfriend your own age?!"

Peanut: "so she's like, what, 19?"
Justin: "Uh, try 9, dude..."
by peanutismint April 28, 2005