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When you send a picture of something covered then a text of that same thing uncovered then the word peekaboo. This is done preferably with genitals.
last night she sent me a peekaboo text of her tits.
by peakaboooo January 09, 2011
Most commonly known as punching your partner in the back of the head right before orgasm to tighten the vagina or anus. But, this is now known as the Republican solution for the economy. Where they bend over the common working man (mostly democrats) by taking away their tax breaks and giving them to the rich business men with the idea of a trickle down effect (The anal sex) and then to enjoy it more at the workers expense the business then use the tax breaks to buy a new car and mansion for their own pleasure.( The punch in the back of the head for added pleasure)
Scott Walkers new bill to take away collective bargaining and benefits from state workers is like a donkey punch to our under paid and under appreciated educators.
by peakaboooo February 16, 2011

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