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A rather unfortunately simple-minded woman who made headlines for demanding a meeting with president Bush regarding the death of her son in Iraq. Sheehan and others who opposed the war in Iraq staged an extended demonstration outside president Bush's ranch in Crawford, TX.
Sheehan said she felt that her son did not die for a noble cause, but that he died in a war that was based on "lies and betrayal" i.e. no weapons of mass destruction, no proven links to Al Qaeda, etc.
Her credibility was dramatically affected by contradicting statements and by a general inability to express herself coherently, especially in reference to the connection between the death of her son and Bush's decision to start an illegitimate war and subsequently continue his conquest for total world domination.
Sheehan's protest was effectively ended when the nation's news media fled Crawford to report on hurricane Katrina which struck the gulf coast region on August 29th 2005.
"I now know president Bush is sincere... and feels some pain for our loss." - Cindy Sheehan, 2004
"I met with him and I know he doesn't care." - Cindy Sheehan, 2005
by pdad September 10, 2005
A phrase used by someone to express complete and inconsolable levels of exasperation.
Usually modified with "Jesus" or any applicable expletive.
Boss: We need you to come in to work this weekend.
Me: Jesus Hubert Christ in a handbasket you'd better be fucking joking me!
by pdad September 10, 2005
Any ass that appears to be that of the human male. Mostly used as a term for a female having a narrow, squarish, semi-flat buttocks.
Lindsay Davenport, apart from being an incurable swamp donkey, has a most egregious case of manass.
by pdad September 12, 2005
you people are so fucking smart aren't you? "The Bible is God's true and spoken word. Jesus Rawks!" Don't you understand it's not jeebus that is gonna save you, or buddha or fucking alaaaaaah either. Nothing is going to prevent the people of this world from killing each other. it's never going to stop. accept it, move on. figure out new and better ways to do it. but please for the love of humanity stop fucking looking for some cosmic being to come down and explain away gay people and muslims and all the other shit that you religious twats are too retarded to understand. Stop looking for ALMIGHTY GOD to come fix all the world's problems. Because you know what? It doesn't fucking matter if God exists or not. Hurricanes still blow down cities, tsunamis still tear the assholes out of island nations, oil companies and insurance agencies are gonna keep taking all our money and we aren't gonna do shit about it as long as we keep asking for Pat "Take em Down" Robertson to talk to GAWD for us!! Wake up, morons. Think for yourselves. Quit buying into this cultural bullshit that your parents are feeding you. You can't prove shit. Oh, and don't talk to me about "faith" okay. because faith is a great thing, no one can deny that. but you could have faith in my almighty ballsack and you'd do just as well. it's about US not GOD. that is all.
The bible says it is "God's word," and so does the koran and countless other books. So all you have to do is write something down, sign it," -God", and in 2000 years all your moron descendants will read it and say "See how it says '-God' at the end. No human being could have written this. It must really be God talking to us." Oh yeah, they will. Try it.
#koran #bullshit #god #jesus #allah
by pdad September 24, 2005
Human beings trying to make a decent living. Most actually do pay taxes, contrary to what most Americans think. Trying to kick them all out would be another "war on drugs," or "war on terror" style failure and a huge waste of money and "political capital."

An undocumented immigrant deserves a chance to become a citizen.
#mexican #immigrant #immigration #alien #illegal
by pdad May 04, 2006
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