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460 definitions by paul

no rematch
gg nubs. no re
by Paul December 17, 2003
99 9
English north east slang for "come on"
Howay son, you're holding us up
by paul June 16, 2004
121 33
Verb- To play with, used in conjunction with sexual pleasure and pleasing.
I fiddled your mother's privates. She moaned like a wilderbeast.
by Paul February 28, 2004
164 78
soon to be the new home of Howard Stern
When Howard Stern moves to Sirius satilite radio nothing will be the same
by Paul March 10, 2005
148 74
when a female's rear is so big, muscular, and round it resambles the hind quarters of a donkey or horse. Usually a good thing.
I coined this phrase in 1996. "Man, that chick's ass looks like a horse." "Yeah, She's got a donkey ass." I believe the hip-hop culture bastardized that prase tobedonkeydonk. I'll take credit for that.
by Paul August 06, 2004
95 21
to give oral sex to a woman
He mucked my barn for 45 minutes last night.
Dude I was totally mucking her barn.
by Paul February 16, 2005
106 33
Scottish slang for a wood splinter
"ouch! I got a skelf in me finger"
by Paul October 10, 2003
93 20