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Ultimate Bottle League. founded by messers Amott, Radnor, Foley, Patch and O'Kane. A ultra violent version of rugby with just a bottle, with just one goal: the bottle master. First team can be played 2 or 3 aside to 3 wins. Teams to beat: Melwoosh and Amott The Two M's Foley and O'Kane Exiles. Crappest player: Radnor
Let's play U.B.L
by patch February 12, 2003
During sex, you hit the back of the girl's head, flip her over, stab her eyes with a knife, ejaculate on her face, then fuck her dead body.
You probably won't see too much of Sara anymore because I was fucking her last night and I ended up giving her a stingray.
by Patch April 27, 2004
A top Pearl Jam album.
Riot Act is a return to form for Vedder and company.
by Patch September 16, 2003
1. To listen with both ears
2. A so-so Pearl Jam album
Erm, there are only a handful of listenable tracks on Binaural.
by Patch September 16, 2003
A derogatory term, derived from the word 'fuck', and combined with the inanimate object, 'saw'. Coined by Penny Arcade.
'Gabe is such a fucksaw.'
by Patch September 16, 2003
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