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dirty being unclean spic meaning dickless twat
martin ward
by patch February 12, 2003
During sex, you hit the back of the girl's head, flip her over, stab her eyes with a knife, ejaculate on her face, then fuck her dead body.
You probably won't see too much of Sara anymore because I was fucking her last night and I ended up giving her a stingray.
by Patch April 27, 2004
Ultimate Bottle League. founded by messers Amott, Radnor, Foley, Patch and O'Kane. A ultra violent version of rugby with just a bottle, with just one goal: the bottle master. First team can be played 2 or 3 aside to 3 wins. Teams to beat: Melwoosh and Amott The Two M's Foley and O'Kane Exiles. Crappest player: Radnor
Let's play U.B.L
by patch February 12, 2003
A top Pearl Jam album.
Riot Act is a return to form for Vedder and company.
by Patch September 16, 2003
1. To listen with both ears
2. A so-so Pearl Jam album
Erm, there are only a handful of listenable tracks on Binaural.
by Patch September 16, 2003
Pearl Jam album
It fucking owns.
by Patch September 16, 2003
A derogatory term, derived from the word 'fuck', and combined with the inanimate object, 'saw'. Coined by Penny Arcade.
'Gabe is such a fucksaw.'
by Patch September 16, 2003

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