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1. any one of the three meals a day, or any snack in between meals

2. a means of telling time (relative to one of the three meals a day)

3. The 3rd most important thing to a grunt.
1. Got any chow? My stomach is digesting itself.

2. Pvt: Hey Sarge, what time is it?
Sgt: It's about half hour till dinner chow.

3. After the good private cleaned his weapon and changed his socks, he scored some chow.
by panzerr October 11, 2004
1. noun

a female's pet name for a penis
Mary asked with a giggle, "does the peenee want to come out and play?"
by panzerr October 21, 2004

1. A person who uses people for what positive feedback he can get, then moves on to the next person to get more.
The social whore worked his way through the crowd, using people for their postive feedback and greetings as he went.
by panzerr February 20, 2005

1. to be of such quality, that one would wish to stick his dick in it

2. an expression of sexual quality
"Damn, that chick in the painted-on pants is wayyyy stickadickinable!"
by panzerr October 06, 2004
noun, singular. fe·nis·es or fe·nes (-nz)

1.The male organ of copulation in higher vertebrates, homologous with the clitoris. In mammals, it also serves as the male organ of urinary excretion.

2. Of or pertaining to the mail organ of sexual reproduction.

3. A catch-all term used when one cannot think of anything else to say.

by Panzerr April 15, 2003

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