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the person who everyone is friends with, but who has no specific group of friends. This person will flit from group to group of people at a gathering and act like great buddies with all of them. despite their popular appearance, social whores are often left 'out of the loop' for the simple reason that everbody thinks they belong to somebody else.
"where's jess?"
"oh, nobody invited her. she's such a social whore that we didn't know if she was part of our 'group'"
by wild_stylee April 08, 2005

1. A person who uses people for what positive feedback he can get, then moves on to the next person to get more.
The social whore worked his way through the crowd, using people for their postive feedback and greetings as he went.
by panzerr February 20, 2005
A person who seeks affection from different people even if he/she is already seeing somebody. Will most likely play a little grab ass and fooly cooly with other people. The social whore tends to throw around the words "I love you" without having any meaning behind these words. Therefor hurting the person who actually fell in love with said social whore in the first place.
Cindy: I love you! Oh, I love you so much! How could i ever live without you?
by iwannabeanalcoholic March 29, 2005
(Noun) One who runs their entire life based on social events and networking. Related to the Social Butterfly.
Nicole: I need to check my Facebook and see what events I have coming up. If I stay home, I might lose it!

Renee: You are such a social whore.
by YouGotGronked87 November 21, 2011
someone in a committed relationship who flirts intensely without the intimate follow through.
Yeah, that jeb kenestas is such a social whore; he was all over my facebook while his girlfriend was out of town.
by wordtard March 02, 2011
Jessica Moore, the essence of a social whore-ism.
Jessica: Hey baby, I luv you!!
Ben: Hi jessica, I luv you too!!

Jessica: Hey baby, I luv you!!
Clint: Hey jess, I luv you too!!

Jessica: Hey baby, you're the only one for me..I luv you!!
Joe: Hey jess, I luv you..Wanna fuck?
Jessica: No.

Jessica: Hey baby, I luv you!!!!
Jordan: Who the fuck are you?
Jessica: Im the stalker, that always follows you, and loves your hair cause its a like a women, and im a lesbian. Wanna fuck.
Jordan: Nah ho I be chillin in compton with the real bitchs.

Jessica: Oh im gonna go cry!!! and tell my problems to EPH, my fb, that I get drunk with every single FUCKING weekend.

by iwannabeanalcoholic January 20, 2005
someone who has a particularly active myspace account. they might post a bulliten to only one person. this is a person who feels they need to be "nice" (well-liked) by everyone
Lauren: i need to check my myspace
Hannah:your such a social whore
Lauren: what does that even mean?
Hannah: bitch please
by doggonitt August 09, 2008
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