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What should be the official and only plural of Mongoose.
(also, if not official plural than at least a legit collective noun)
Look, it's a mongaggle of mongeese!
by pandaninja April 21, 2011
1. Sort of religious.

2. Picks and chooses/Is not consistent in religious practice.

3. Motivation and seriousness of religious dedication unclear
Shiva goes to church but only if the Sunday falls out on Yom Kipur. I guess she's only Religish.
by pandaninja April 10, 2010
Slowest Car On the Road

1. To SCOR someone is to pass them thereby leaving them the SCOR
2. To get SCORed is when one or many pass you, generally due to your extremely slow driving, leaving you the SCOR
1. That guy we just overtook drives like my grandma! We totally SCORed him!
2. Dude, you drive like my grandma, it's no wonder everyone is SCORing us
by pandaninja June 23, 2010
Someone who extremely enjoys/likes a lot/ gets off on signing contracts

Generally gets into long term commitments because of the joy that comes from the moment of signature as opposed to proper long term planning.

Negative consequences of the contractaholic are working at jobs that require skills not possessed, or renting apartments to expensive to own, both resulting in premature expulsion and forcing the signing of a new contract
1. Deena left the dorm for an apartment just cause she loves signing papers, that woman is a contractaholic

2. Now she's getting married, moving into a new home and getting a new phone deal for the 3rd time this month. Talk about contractaholic
by pandaninja September 05, 2010
an irresistible impulse to steal only aluminum coins which are the basic unit of currency in Japan.

Kleptoyeniacs are harmless everywhere, except for Japan or if you've just returned from a foreign exchange point (with yen of course).

a person who has kleptoyenia.
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of kleptoyenia or a kleptoyeniac.
The yen nicking over there is clearly a case of kleptoyenia since what he nabbed isn't worth a thing here in Barbados
by pandaninja April 21, 2011
A typo for sentences

1. A misspelling or improper allocation of a bunch of words
2. A correct sentence sent to the wrong person

Typically done when typing or texting.

The sentenco generally goes unnoticed until someone points out your error. This makes you feel a bit silly while also showing the other person to be the uptight dickwad, who doesn't let things slide, that he/she is.
Sometimes, one doesn't focus on one's grammar, punctuation, check the recipient, or simply has to many chat windows open; when that happens and you are made aware, you know you had a sentenco.
Example 1:
Randomly sms from Guy 1: I had better not see your scrawny ass if you don't bring the 30$ you owe me!

Guy 2: dude, feel like I'm missing half a conversation here. whats up?

Guy 1: Sorry man. Sentenco.

Example 2:
Girlfriend: I got an sms from you today calling me Heather and saying how you'd be free tonight when you told me you were sick in bed!

Boyfriend: Shit. Totally the worst time for a sentenco!
by pandaninja October 10, 2011
The plural of the word "rendezvous" that is not "rendezvous".
Despite their promise never to meet again she rendezvouses with him all the time.

It's crazy how many rendezvouses I've had with Steve this past month.
by pandaninja December 31, 2011

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