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1. One who is apathetic. They may be disinterested through their own intention or naturally uncaring. In severe cases this may lead to a distinct lack of effort toward all tasks. Chronic affliction is as yet incurable.
2. A member of the Young Apathists Party.
Man: Why are you in such a state of uncare?
Apathist: Because fuck you.
by Uncarer November 06, 2005
Unlike an atheist that does not believe an apathist might believe and simply does not care. Uncaring about religious or spiritual matters.
Her apathist views prevented her from caring about what was written on a dollar bill.
by MamaPaige81 January 04, 2015
Someone whose political and/or religious beliefs stem from a lack of care
The apathist didn't care about the outcome of the elections.
by Jon Zamboni July 14, 2005
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