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Something very precious and snuggly, like a bunny wunny or baby bankie.
I snuggled him like a woobie in bed last night.
by Palmer April 22, 2004
A Yiddish term for a cocky or insolent person. The quality of being able to murder both your parents, and then plead the court for mercy on the grounds that you're an orphan.
You mean to tell me he jumped the courier, swiped Fat Charlie's shipment of meth, and then offered to sell the meth back to him? Man, he has chutzpah!
by Palmer March 28, 2005
Possibly the largest wigger known to man. Th3Don is by far the most ignorant fuck that anyone could meet. If you see Th3Don be sure to call him by his real name "kreechy", it makes him mad horny
Th3Don is the best player known to man when it comes to using your gun first not your brain
by Palmer December 29, 2004
a kid with such a crooked dick that he could fuck around a corner
"that bitch took my marota, until she bled"
by palmer April 23, 2004
A non-Jew who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddish words for no apparent reason, except perhaps to look cool.
Oy vey! Can you believe the chutzpah that shmuck has?
by Palmer March 28, 2005
the sticky sweaty substance taht resides in the gooch/crease/ball area of a male and the meat curtains of a women
"biTCH im gonnA slap you with my CREasE GRease" "grease from the crease biatch" "Craig Loves THE GREASEY CREASE"
by palmer April 23, 2004
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