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the numbers from 10 to 19, esp. the second decade of a century or of a person's life. (i.e. the years 2010 through 2019.)
The American economy began to flourish again in the tens, an era that represented a fresh start for the United States.
by OsirusR July 14, 2009
a huge poop.
Who dropped a hupe in my bathroom, and didn’t flush?
by OsirusR July 14, 2009
A pretty idiot.
Yep, she’s a pridiot all right.
by OsirusR July 14, 2009
The breasts ("boobs") of a Hindu woman.
By Ganesha, she has an impressive pair of hindoobs!
by OsirusR July 21, 2009
1. An individual with an attractive face, but an unnattractive body, i.e. "Her face is pretty, but her body..."
2. A chubby girl with a pretty face.
I let her blow me, but I didn't bone her. She's a butter body, after all.
by OsirusR September 16, 2009
A thuggish juggernaut. A lawless, feral, unstoppable force.
Here comes the THUGGERNAUT!
by OsirusR September 16, 2009
pertaining to Rashard Lewis. Can be used in either a positive or negative context, depending on the situation at hand.
You see the game last night? That shit was rasharded, son!
by OsirusR July 14, 2009

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