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Bong hits taken while on the john; i.e. hits of marijuana inhaled whilst seated on a toilet.
I started my day with some john hits. What a great way to relax.
by osirusR February 05, 2010
a badger's vagina. The female sex organs of an animal belonging to the Mustelidae family.
Check out the size of that badgina!
by OsirusR August 18, 2010
Teabaggers, namely ignorant, racist, Obama-hating conservatives who pitch a bitch every time Barack Obama does something to try to help poor bastards like them. Brainwashed by hateful conservative pundits, they have no idea that they are fighting against their own economic interest, but continue to publicly spout their ignorance and attempt to block the progress that this corrupt country so desperately needs.

They are conservatives, ergo they are douchebags: hence the term "douchebaggers." See also "douchebagger."
1. Boy, those douchebaggers on TV really have their panties in a bunch. What a pack of idiots. What are they so angry about?

2. Yollin keeps wearing his stupid Obama-bashing t-shirts. He's a real douchebagger.
by OsirusR July 01, 2010
Like a cougar, but older. Whereas the term cougar refers to an attractive, seductive woman in her late 30s and up, a saber-toothed tiger is an attractive, seductive woman in her late 50s and up.

A Saber-toothed tiger is also referred to as a "smilodon".
"Check out that cougar by the bar, man! She has been eyeballing me all night."
"Cougar? She's older than cougar, bro. That right there is a saber-toothed tiger."
by osirusr September 22, 2011
A cool douche. A man who, despite being a douchebag, is still kind of cool.
Sting from the Police is kind of a douche, and yet he's also a pretty cool guy. He's a couche.
by osirusr March 20, 2010
A poop taken in the nude, i.e. a nude poop. To defecate whilst completely naked.
"Samy's in the bathroom taking a noop: a nude poop."
"Why does he take his clothes off every time he poops? So weird."
by osirusR February 05, 2010
Dwyane Wade.
Dwade was on fire last night!
by OsirusR July 14, 2009

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