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Term for a Reliant Robin, small 3 wheeled car/van made from GRP in Tamworth. Made famous as the transport for del boy in the TV show only fools and horses. Very slow and has a tendency to roll over when cornering. Used as a term of abuse for any slow or crap car. See also metrocab.
Bloke: "Why were you so late?"
Another bloke: "Coz i was stuck behind a plastic pig all the way up the M42
by oracle August 19, 2004
15 1
Its a nickname for a 3 wheeled British car called a Reliant Robin. With a body made out of fibre-glass and a very small engine. Known to tip round corners and were given to the disabled and old as 'invalid Carriges', usually in a pale blue colour. Can be driven on a motorbike license.
'I once saw a plastic pig go to fast round a corner and tip onto its side!'
by Evil-Ernie June 06, 2003
7 2