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1) marijuana
2) money
3) when somebody is hatin or bein wrong
1) i smoked me some good green
2) homies always askin fo some green
3) that bitch is bein green
by omi da homie December 07, 2004
underground rock/rap group from south cali. consists of tax man, pakelaki, lou dog, bobby b, d-loc, richter and daddy x. The ultimate ganja gurus of the century. Bustin rhymes dat would make yo head spin.
Respect your fellow man the earth and the trees…grow your own and be who you want to be…life is short so most of all be free, free to dream and free to be "…

"Ride until your dying daze…seek truth, observe nature, break the mold and don't sleep on us!"
Peace not greed, -Daddy X
by omi da homie December 02, 2004
Short for Jacksonville, Florida. 1 of da greatest cities ther is!
im from J-ville, north side
by Omi da homie October 25, 2004
a florida term dat means very, very, VERY potent weed.
dat crippi iz da shit!!!!!!!!!!
by omi da homie November 03, 2004
has 2 meanings

first, a stupid suburban white teenager who tries to fix up a japanese import with shitty ass parts that do not enhance performance, simply to make ther cars look fast. They dont race cause they know they gonna lose! Loud as hell cars that cant race worth shit!

second meaning applies to an asian motorcycle gang in j-ville. they ussually hang out by the beaches.
pussy ass white ricers cant race worth shit
by omi da homie November 29, 2004
short for 40 thieves. a gang originally started in j-ville. mostly made up of pickpockets and robbers.
aint nobodys money safe from da FT
by Omi da homie October 25, 2004
anotha one of da best cities der is. Gangsta to the core!!!! mess wit clifton and your just askin to get shot
guy- man, clifton is full of pussies

(guy gets shot by clifton gangstas)
by omi da homie November 29, 2004

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