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Short for Jacksonville, Florida. 1 of da greatest cities ther is!
im from J-ville, north side
by Omi da homie October 25, 2004
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Jacksonville, FL. The next atlanta when it com to music when u think of jville u think of grills, crunk music, cute girls (lightskinned dimes as myself), fine guys, that all round dirty south feel
Are u going to school out of state, hell no i got to stay in jville
by pimptressk August 06, 2005
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Jacksonville, Maryland, AKA Phoenix. "Jville" itself is the bubbling metropolis comprised of two small shopping centers, a selection of gas stations, and an elementary school. Hot spots include the 7-11, Strapasta, and the snoball stand in the summertime, along with white kids playing basketball or lacrosse at the elementary school. "Lax," as its commonly known, is a must in Jville, if you don't lax you are either an outcast or one of the select confederates that hang out at McDonalds. Another hotspot, 7-11, on Friday or Saturday nights you can most likely find a group of cars lined up outside waiting to hear who's "throwin down" for the night. In Jville, the snobby businessmen make upper six figure salaries, and their trophy wives are well admired by the prep school attending children. Those not white are redneck, and they usually keep to themselves. Greater Jville includes Baldwin, Long Green, and Monkton. Those who don't live on the north side of the Dulaney Valley bridge don't know Jville exists, and when you tell them you live in Phoenix they think you mean Arizona. Jville isn't just a town, its a way of life, a breed of person, and a happy place. A scenic and homogeneous alternative to nearby Towson.
Tim: Dude what are you tryna do today
Doug: I dunno man, let go lax in Jville.
by FunLax April 14, 2005
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1. Short for Jacksonville, Florida

2. Could also be used for Jacksonville Beach, Florida
I dunno what that kid is sayin but ive never heard J-Ville bein called gayville...
by lowdime904 December 12, 2005
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People use jville to describe a wealthy are also known as phoenix. it is not located in Arizona but in Md. Mothers are stay-at-home soccer moms and drive SUVS. We attend private prep schools and live in huge houses, sometimes way out there. Our favorite hangouts are Strapasta, McDonalds and Papermill Pharmacy. We do not have anywhere to shop so we usually go to Cockeysville. Everything is more expensive and we can afford it.
KT: oh em gee I live in u know where that is?

Brit: Isn't that like phoenix?

KT: most deff. see u at lax prax!
by BR November 18, 2005
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Home of the World Famous Klein's Deli. If you don't shop at the Klein's Deli, you're a freaking communist.
John goes to the Klein's Deli, when he comes home the president of the USA sends him a tax rebate. Igor goes to the Safeway, when he returns home the CIA abducts him, he never is heard from again...
by Jon Weingart April 22, 2005
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Short For Jacksonville SumTyms Called GayViLLE Biggest City in Northern Florida
Person 1 " yo where u frum son?
Person 2 iam reppin the 904 gayville
by U NgUyEn gayville finest July 09, 2004
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