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6 definitions by omgdoom

what the leprechaun has
i wanna know where tha gold at!
by omgdoom December 13, 2008
a girl who receives dicks; a DG.
hey samson, did you meet my new dick getta, tracy?
by omgdoom December 13, 2008
a fanny pack full of date rape drugs. first seen on the creepy santa claus at the christmas party.
"check it out, that santa claus is wearing a fanny pack!"
"that's no fanny pack! that's a rufie pack!"
by omgdoom December 20, 2008
A monroe piercing on a dude. The manroe. Horrible choice.
Ew that dude has a manroe. The fuck is that all about?
by omgdoom October 24, 2009
the space between a girls vagina and asshole.
wow babe, your ginch is way nicer than i expected.
by omgdoom December 13, 2008
the bridge of irresistible skin that happens to be located between the female's vagina and the asshole. mmmmz. similar to the gooch of a manly man.
hey baby, can i peep that gitch after class?
by omgdoom December 13, 2008