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Underwear. Usually, but not always, standard men's briefs (tightey-whiteys or y-fronts). Often connotes particularly old, worn-out, dirty, or generally nasty items. Variations include gonch, gaunch, gawnch, or gonchies. Primarily Canadian usage.
"You think that it's a cinch / to get up in my ginch?" -- Peaches, "The Inch"
by anonymous September 03, 2004
229 111
according to the porn industry ginch is a whore of low repute; a slag
If janice dickenson wasn't famous she would be the biggest ginch in whoredom
by adambalder September 16, 2007
75 57
pussy. typically nasty biker pussy
by anonymous July 09, 2003
107 101
Ginch is the area measured lengthwise between a man's ball sack and anus.
James: Bro my ginch is so sore from last night

Dev: I told you not to let her pinch your ginch

James: she couldn't resist, I showed her my 7 inch ginch
by DoctorJizz January 26, 2014
2 1
Street, gang and surfers' term of an attractive female, especially one regarded as a sexual object or target
- Do you want Tommy (the dog) in or out ?
- Leave him out ! He's chasin' that Calico ginch
from the track houses again !
by sidekickbottom July 08, 2010
23 24
girth inch, the length of the circumference of a penis
"Dude, I couldn't bottom last night--that guy had mad ginches."
by jello84 April 23, 2010
22 30
Badly pulling or pushing a putt inside of four feet. Generally caused by nerves or pressure. May also be caused by alcohol or drug withdraw, arthritis or old age. Commonly a result of having the "shakes".
"Dammit, I just ginched that putt!"
by 3-Putt Master August 13, 2009
12 27