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A polite way to say what is probably the most offensive word in the English language, "cunt."
Jane: "Bob called me the c-word!"
Sally: "That cocksucker!"
by Ollie the Dog November 10, 2005
How the grammatically-challenged spell "they're" or "their."
There over there, with there friends.
by Ollie the Dog December 28, 2003
Euphemism for the word nigger. Used by people who are afraid to say "nigger" (i.e., white people).
Child: Mom! Billy said the n-word!
Mom: Shut up and drink your gin!
by Ollie the Dog December 30, 2003
How the grammatically-challenged make a noun plural.
Look at all these definition's.
by Ollie the Dog December 28, 2003
How the grammatically-challenged spell "whose."
Yo, who's car is dat?
by Ollie the Dog December 30, 2003
Masturbating, jerking off
After watching Halle Berry get doggied by Billy Bob in Monster's Ball, I had to go shake hands with Mr. Happy.
by Ollie the Dog December 28, 2003
A musical instrument given to the Scottish by the Irish. The Scottish, unaware that the Irish had played a cruel joke on them, have continued to play the bagpipes.
Why do bagpipe players always march? They are trying to get away from the sound.
by Ollie the Dog January 01, 2004

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