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A corpulent and grotesquely hirsute troll of a man who - on account of an anomalously prodigous penis - has become one of the most illustrious porn kings in the contemporary industry.
Ron Jeremy's genitals are so colossal that it is not uncommon for a co-star to leave the set with a prolapsed rectum.
by Ocram May 02, 2003
The act of igniting one's flatulence; usually achieved by holding a lighter near the anus while passing gas. The term comes from the bluish-colored flame often resulting from methane combustion. (Note that this activity can be dangerous, and has been known to severly burn the anus and even entrails of careless practitoners.)
I have always enjoyed doing blue angels, but decided to discontinue the activity the day that a flame singed my lower intestines.
by Ocram April 27, 2003
A crumpled wad of toilet or tissue paper containing any of a variety of sexual fluids (semen, vaginal secretions, et al) and resembling a freshly blossomed carnation.
Whenever my girlfriend and I have sex, a garden of protein carnations invariably end up at the foot of the bed.
by Ocram April 27, 2003
A typical phase in the progression of male pattern baldness in which a circular patch of exposed scalp makes it look as though a yarmulke is being worn.
Oh my god - check it out; that guy is donning the quintessential flesh yarmulke.
by Ocram April 28, 2003
1. The penis; especially, when erect.
2. The act of copulation.
Come here baby - I have got a nice tumescent bonejohn upon which you
should squat.
by Ocram April 27, 2003
The anus.
Debi was quite a sylph -- and boy did she have the most discrete little crinkled star you have ever seen.
by Ocram April 28, 2003
1. Chocolate chips.
2. Any tasty yet nutritionally vacant
morsel that is difficult to consume
with discretion.
We cuddled on the couch and watched a movie while engorging ourselves on debauchery pebbles.
by Ocram April 27, 2003

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