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One of those smelly little "silent-but-deadly" ads that pops up in one corner of the TV screen 30 seconds into the program, after you've already endured 5 minutes of regular ads.
AMC used to be a great channel until they started pharting.
by ArmandDillo October 10, 2009
Phart (verb) When a man has to take a serious leek and drop a huge sh*t simultaneously. Not having the time to drop the deuce, he chooses to urinate. While the mans pee exits with fire hose like pressure, he then attempts to fart. This triggers either a nasty shart or a turd to be deposited in the mans underwear. (pee-fart = phart)
While peeing late last night I pharted and dropped a scissored off turtle head on my bathroom floor…….
by TB2-nola February 09, 2009
noun: fart that takes place in a pharmacy or produced by a pharmacist.
My pharmacist, Ryan, pharted while discussing my medications with me last week.
by peterangelo September 01, 2009
The fart that is let out while taking a pee; usually one that provides great relief. At times it may sneak out.
O man, I just went to the bathroom and ripped a massive phart.
by TracyChapman September 16, 2008
The Professionals of Houston Adventure Racing Team!
PHART kicked some serious ass at the last adventure race.
by PHART June 12, 2006
A person whom one would find difficult to like. A person with an asshole-like personality. Commonly loud and annoying.
Wow, thanks for interrupting me you p-hart!
by Ed "The Meat" Sowder July 10, 2008
Another word for fart, or gas; seen as formal slang.
Did you phart my dear lady?
by youngin August 15, 2005
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