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3 definitions by nudger1107(Y)

puntang fender blender... stik ur wang up a gals pussy swirl it round a bit stik it up her ass punch her in back of head whip out quickly (pink sock) and stick remains in blender and use for lube
this slut pissed me off so i decided too puntang fender blender her... she cried and i now have a damn criminal record
by nudger1107(Y) January 29, 2009
4 5
you get tossed off spunk on her shin she looks down then you kick her in the eye so she gets a black eye like a eye patch
i gave my ex thee ol break up home made eye patch knocked her clean out
by nudger1107(Y) January 29, 2009
2 4
a Nudger is a pub nickname(Y)
oright nudger how ya doing?? fancy a beer?
by nudger1107(Y) January 29, 2009
5 33