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After intercourse, when the male gets up to leave the female's place, he wipes his penis on her curtains.
"I snuck out while she was asleep, but before I left I gave her the Martha Stewart."
by WhoMe December 15, 2004
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An evil, ugly, man-hating demon who runs a boring crafts show and makes millions from selling overpriced shit at K-Mart.
You cannot escape from the evil of Martha Stewart.
by AYB June 05, 2003
stock exchange trading slang for screwing up a trade.
aw crap, i just pulled a martha stewart on the stock exchange.
Chick who got sent to prison.
Oh shit, It's Martha Stewart! And she's in prison! (everyone laughs)
by go fuck yourself October 06, 2004
1) 21st century entrepreneur whose failed personal life spawned a successful career in life style television.

2) An act of defecation related revenge. When thoroughly aggravated by a friend or loved one, discreetly remove a towel or sheet from the bottom of their linen closet. Carefully unfold said article, take a hearty steaming shit, refold to conceal fecal surprise, and replace at the bottom of the pile. Typically the "Martha Stewart" is not discovered until the entire closet smells like a Tijuana whorehouse.
1) I hope the SEC violates Martha Stewart in the ass with a lead pipe for her insider trading.

2) The guy working at the GAP was a real asshole so I pulled a "Martha Stewart" on a pair of jeans out on display near the counter he was working. I folded and replaced them, so I hope he has a pleasant smelling afternoon.
by Ted June 16, 2003
A Jail wife/bitch that will keep the cell smelling spring-time fresh as well as looking warm and inviting.
By adding a simple wood veneer lampshade to the caged light, Martha was able to warmth and color to the cold gray concrete cell.
by andy March 17, 2004
a person who cooks cookies for Peter and Ryan.
Are you Martha Stewart?
by fasdfsn January 23, 2013

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