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To be really zitty
Weh, lookit her face, she's so spotty!
by nomi April 17, 2004
Phwooargh is a sound the British make in reaction to seeing or thinking of something attractive or especially ritzy.
Extra "O"s and "H"s and other letters can be added to the word to ad emphasis.
Kara: Wow, look at this picture of Brad Pitt.
Greta: Phwoooarghh. I would love to do him.

Reaction to Brad Pitt:
Reaction to the less hot George Clooney:
by nomi July 20, 2004
To chew and then swallow quickly. Or simply to eat when in dire need of food.
I'm so hungry I can chewallow a horse!
by Nomi May 09, 2012
a word sounding very similair to the word "sneeze"

when one gets licked in the eye by a dog, they may be reffered to as a "shweez"
"oh Sam! youve been licked in the eye by a dog! now your a shweez! ha!"

or, "you've been shweezed!"
by nomi April 14, 2005

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