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Torxmeppy means, litterally, to suddenly realize and simultaneously declare ones homosexuality.
Person1: "Holy shit, I think I'm gay!"
Person2: "Wow, way to pull a Torxmeppy."
by Noah November 18, 2004
Anything and nothing at the same time. To those who don't understand the ways of flookoom, it means nothing, but to those who understand it, it can be used to replace any word expressing a feeling.
"Goddamn you...FLOOKOOM!"
by Noah October 21, 2004
The act of smoking some weed.
Jason and I were poppin' chips last night in the park.
by Noah October 02, 2004
The most OG VW Golf in the whole damn world.
holy crap, Noah's Jolf is the most OG ride ever!
by Noah July 05, 2004
an example may be demonstrated by a lady that does not take pride in the skill of topiary, thighbrows, spiderslegs or loose baccy
frank: i bedded that hobo from crwys road the other day, filth
jim: yeah! i heard she has huge inside burns?
by noah June 14, 2004
Rhymes with suckled. Means the same thing as fuxxored.
I had to dump her because things were completely fuckled.
by Noah April 04, 2004
A common condition where someone makes repeated grammatical errors, often followed by hysterical laughing and joking. The only cure for brain-weasels is to suffocate them by smothering the victim with a pillow.
Crap, you're infested with the BRAIN-WEASELS! Quick, smother him/her with a pillow.

*followed by a small footchase and a pillow smothering*
by Noah February 01, 2005

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