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1)a revolutionary boss, some one powerful and influential.
*drived from respect to Malcolm X

2)someone of popularity who allways recives much female campanionship.
my man is the malcolm of the neighborhood
by li'l Ray Ray jr. June 01, 2006
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The best boyfriend in the whole world. Future husband, and soul mate. He loves his girlfriend with all of his heart and she loves him the same way. He reminds her that shes beautiful and always tells her he loves her. He is kind, athletic, caring, loving, handsome, sexy, and the best guy a girl could ever wish for.
Malcolm: You are so beautiful.
Girl: Awwww you're so sweet.
Malcolm: I love you so much.
Girl: I love you too!
by Malcolmlover<3 January 24, 2010
An extremely sexy boy that will sometimes make mistakes with his girlfriend, but she should always know that he loves her and wants the best for her at all times. He is cute, funny, and a special someone for every person that he comes in contact with. He can also be a flirt, but that just because its his nature and he will most likely change it for that special person.
Girl: Hey baby

Malcolm: Hey sexy how are you today?
Girl: I'm ok
Malcolm: Oh watcha doin
Girl: nothing
Malcolm: Oh maybe I can make you have fun by maybe entertaining you ;-)
by truthteller97 July 06, 2010
A really good guy. Has lots of friends. Gets laid all the time. Gets in trouble at clubs once in a blue moon. Woman magnate. Eveybody loves this guy. Always at the popular scale. Has a GREAT LIFE.

You will be GLAD u met this guy!
Malcolm: Hey wasup?

Girl: Hey wana have a threesome with my girlfriend and play COD after with the guys.

Malcolm: Ok:D
by king malmal July 19, 2011
Someone who is totally useless, who thinks they are far cleverer than they really are and a nasty peice of work as well. They are prone to blaming other people for their failings, they lie with a straight face, but the lies are so outrageous that even a small amount of questioning reveals them for what they are. They invariably crawl round the boss and are sickeningly sycophantic. Usually overweight, they have personal hygiene issues, despite which they are narcissistic to an unbelievable degree. In short a Malcolm is a liability in the workplace and should never, under any circumstances, be allowed to breed.
Malcolm's made another king-sized fuck-up, he really does live up to his name.
by Croatalin December 20, 2013
The cutest guy in the school. all the girls love him. but the only girl that is right for him is any girl named grace, especially one with a last name that starts with v, w, or z, and that has a birthday in June, July or August, and the date an even number. Malcolm is tots hot and deserves to have the perfect grace!
"man, malcolm is smoking, he is perfect for that grace girl!"
"look at malcolm and grace, they are perfect for each other."
"i'm soooo jealous of malcolm and grace, they are meant to be."
by rahrahrahromama January 01, 2012
The neighborhood creeper. Very funny and friendly, but sometimes a little too friendly...
Dear Lucia,

This morning I logged on to facebook, to gladly see that I have received 12 notifications. Although, I was not glad to see that approximately 8 of those notifications were from you liking my comments or posting in a group. Therefore, I have decided to comment rape you, which is probably why you are going to have like 20 notifications.


Lucia- great

Malcolm- ok im done. how many notifications was that?

Lucia- 40. i hate you.
by mccauleycaulkin :D July 02, 2011

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