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A lot of something.
Dude, I got TALL homework tonight.
by Noah May 23, 2003
asshole, jerk, idiot
Yea Jon, he's a fuckbag.
by Noah February 22, 2005
The Lobster-man from Futurama; The funniest character on that show.
"Life was bad, but now its good. Forever!"
by Noah May 23, 2003
A snitch or rat.
She told the teacher I cheated on my test, what a stoolie.
by Noah October 16, 2003
To engage in acts of physical intimacy with a member of the sex to which you are attracted. Including, but not limited to, tongue, ass, pussy etc..
I got mushu from your mom last night (and it wasn't the kind you eat)
by Noah March 19, 2003
The verb of Rohypnol.
shut your face or you'll find yourself Rohypnoled.
by noah April 05, 2005
Out of Cali, an awesome band with some great gi-normus hits!
ummmm Incubus
by Noah January 14, 2004

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